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Trail One Components - Products That Support The Trails!

Trail One: The Mission

Welcome Trail One Components! The idea to start a mountain bike component brand came to Jeff Cayley and Brian Kennedy one day, but they wanted it to be different, more in depth and with a story. They wanted something that not only makes premium level, unique components, but also has a story to tell by supporting the amazing trails that we all love. So to do that, Trail One will be setting aside $1 from every product sold to give back to the trail stewardships and mountain bike clubs that build and maintain great trails. If a product is named after a particular trail system, that's where the $1 per product donation will go. If the product doesn't have a trail system associated with it, the $1 will go into the Trail One Treasury and be awarded to another trail system in need.

Not only does Trail One look to support trails, making great riding products that also look incredible is a priority. Take the Rockville Stem and Hell’s Gate Grips, for instance. Both look great, and help you feel great while supporting those trail networks. The Trail One name came about for a few different reasons. Firstly, we give back $1 to the namesake trails for every product we sell. Secondly, everyone is always looking for that one trail, the best of the best. And finally, it also harkens back to the first trail you rode that unlocked the magic of mountain biking.


In addition to giving back to the trails, Trail One will be creating “The List'', a type of Michelin Guide for mountain biking. It’s an ongoing and growing list of trails around the world that combine awesome locations and incredible scenery, with overviews of the type of terrain and the overall good time that these trails provide. 


Would you rather buy from a friend or a faceless company? Documenting the journey will be Trail One’s focus, not a footnote. Companies are just people, and people always have a story to tell. The success of Jeff’s online bike shop (Worldwide Cyclery) and Brian’s YouTube  channel (BKXC) prove that there is still room for contrarian thinking in the bike industry. Trail One wants to build a team of people that can see how the mainstream is faltering and give mountain bikers the products they deserve. Check out more on their About Us.