RRP Proguard

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ProGuard Front and Rear Fenders


ProGuard is an amazing new range of FRONT and REAR mudguards for disc brake mountain bikes offering unmatched protection from mud and spray, it’s perfect for Trail, Enduro or Downhill racers and essential for the weekend warrior looking for the very best protection. RRP's design intent was to increase the tire clearance, improve fit, and reduce the mud clogging issues seen with this type of mudguard. The MINI offers a very compact design for all year round protection, The STANDARD offers superb protection in a shorter more compact design, whereas the longer MAX PROTECTION version (21mm longer at front than the STANDARD and 68mm longer at the rear) offers incredible unmatched levels of protection.


The ProGuard – BOLT ON is the first large direct mount mudguard of its type, it offers outstanding protection with the slickest most factory look available. There are no cable ties or hook and loop straps to ruin the clean lines on your bike as they are secured by bolts (supplied). We also have TILT BRACKETS which allow you to fine tune the fit angle of the mudguard, you can tilt the front/back up or down a few millimeters with 2 brackets (supplied).

MINI FRONT 386mm long 85g (without cable ties)
STANDAR FRONT 494mm long 119g (without cable ties)
MAX FRONT 582mm long 133g (without cable ties)
MINI REAR 325mm long 64g (without cable ties)
MINI BOLT ON 388mm long 104g (without bolts)
STANDARD BOLT ON 503mm long 130g (without bolts)

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